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Professional Learning Communities and Early Release Days

Romulus Community Schools (RCS) is implementing Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) district-wide beginning in the 2011-2012 school year.  In the winter and spring of last school year, RCS in collaboration with parents, teachers, and administrators worked together to create an environment where all professional development (PD) time was spent on improving current student achievement.  The survey results came in from all of our stakeholders and the RCS Professional Learning Community was born.

In order to provide the time teachers needed to collaborate to improve student learning, we had to look critically at how our PD time was currently being allocated.  The allocated time (five half days throughout the year) was identified as problematic because the time was too spread out for meaningful collaboration on this new mission of improving current student achievement,  After surveying all stakeholders for their preferences, it was concluded that the district will allocate 15 Early Release days on designated Tuesdays throughout the school year.  Teachers will spend this time in small teams such as departments or grade levels focused on instructional strategies, student work, and curriculum improvement so as to yield results in student achievement and engagement. 

The following information is designed to help you understand the purpose of the PLCs and early release as well as answer as many of your questions as possible on the Frequently Asked Questions Link: