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Traveling Students Visit Fire Museum

Middle School

Through our school’s Traveling Tuesday Program, Romulus Middle School students recently had the opportunity to visit Ypsilanti’s Michigan Firehouse Museum. Students learned how to be safe around fire, and what to do in a fire emergency. The museum guides let the students try out old-fashioned fire engines and showed them what the fireman barracks above the stations look like....

Officer Teaches Students Safety Protocol

High School

At the end of the school year, Police Sgt. Labrit Jackson visited Romulus High School to speak to students. Sgt. Jackson, who is a strong advocate for safety education, taught students the proper protocol for what to do and how to act when pulled over by a police officer. In his effort to educate the community, Sgt. Jackson also runs the police department’s Facebook page as an...

Traveling Students Visit Botanical Gardens

Middle School

Romulus Middle School students in our Traveling Tuesday program recently took a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor to learn about different plants and soil. The students tested soil samples and learned about the intricacies of Michigan’s diverse ecosystem. They also studied plants, animals, and the environment of the Great Lakes region. After their visit to the...

Young Author Inspires Students

Wick Elementary

11-year-old author Braylon James visited Wick Elementary to speak to and inspire students to become young writers just like him. Braylon told Wick students, “You can pursue a writing career at any age.” At just 11 years old, Braylon has written five books in the series Mucus’s Journey, which follows the story of a young alien, Mucus, who is trying to fit in on Earth. Braylon...

Restaurant Chain Honors 2 Teachers

Barth Elementary

At the end of the year, Barth Elementary staff took an opportunity to teach students on how to stay focused on their goals. Students were asked to write a success or achievement they had this past year on a sticky note and put it on the new Goal Getters wall so they could see their progress from this success to the next one. The Goal Setters assembly also saw teachers Katy Gold...