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Psychologist speaks on Mental Health

High School

At the 2019 end of year assembly, Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble came to speak to Romulus High School students about the importance of mental health. Dr. Breland-Noble is a media personality, researcher, and speaker who uses her psychology background to help teens all over the country get help for depression and anxiety, as well as other mental illnesses. Dr. Alfiee urged students to...

State Rep Speaks at Graduation

Romulus Virtual Learning Center

Congratulations to the Romulus Virtual Learning Center and Romulus Adult Education class of 2019! The students have worked hard and deserve all the recognition the received, including from State Representative Rashida Tlaib, who was gracious enough to give a word of encouragement to the graduates at the commencement ceremony.

Fifth Graders Go to Science Camp

Barth Elementary

Barth’s 5th grade students had great fun at Science Camp at Ortonville, MI’s Tamarack Camps. The three-day trip was full of STEM activities and crafts. One of the more challenging activities was to design and build rafts that would carry four students from the shore to the dock. Students also got the chance to analyze pond organisms under a microscope, understand the...

RMS Open House is a Success

Middle School

This spring, Romulus Middle School held an Open House. The goal of the event was to help prospective Romulus families understand the different parts of RMS curriculum, in hopes that many would consider enrolling their children at the school this coming school year. Not only was it an Open House, but a packed house, with tons of families coming in to visit! Kudos to RMS teachers...

Building STEM Savvy Girls

Middle School

Romulus Middle School was invited to attend the 6 th Annual STEM Savvy Conference at Wayne County
Community College on May 9, 2019. 18 different school districts were in attendance to this year’s
event. These science and math enthusiasts from Romulus Middle School were able to attend various
workshops. Some of the choices were: Green Hair to Biohazard...