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Community Letter

Dear Romulus Community Schools Students, Staff, and Families,

On this past Saturday, June 6th, many of us had the privilege of marching alongside students, teachers, parents, administrators, alumni, school board members, city council and community members in solidarity against the injustices that have been witnessed more recently. This was ​powerful​, because each one made a choice to leave their homes in the heat of the day on a Saturday, to be part of something bigger than them alone. This peaceful protest was organized by one of our former students in memory of Mr. George Floyd. One​ person was able to garner the support of almost two hundred participants, including local law enforcement. ​Powerful​. As we approached the final destination we encountered several non-black supporters with signs, waiting to provide water and encouragement once the group, after a long walk, reached City Hall. Powerful​.

Change the World
Peaceful Protest


What will we do, Romulus, to make a difference? It only takes ​one​ of us to:

  • help someone who's hurting.
  • support someone who's stopping the hurting.
  • give a compliment.
  • use our voice to speak out against injustice.
  • teach or support a teacher (that's ALL of us!).
  • lovingly redirect a child for repeating a racist comment that they heard.
  • donate to a good cause.
  • vote for policies that positively affect these challenges.

Many of us are already doing these things and will continue. As educators we individually and collectively guide and support our students in not only learning, but in being people of integrity who have strong moral character and are respectful of others. While we have no control over past events, we can direct our own future. As a district, we are decidedly against injustice, and are well aware that there are systems in place that do not promote equity for all students. A couple years ago, we created the ​District Equity Leadership Team​, who will continue the work of advocating for all children and educating all on meeting the needs that our culturally diverse population demands. We are actively working as a district community to become more racially and culturally aware. This includes working with our students, as we help them to uncover bias and use their voices to promote social justice. We will continue this work, and we depend on your voice and whatever resources to make needed changes a reality.

Between the COVID-19 outbreak, the unrest in our country, and the impact of both on the economy, we realize that many of our families may be experiencing added stress. As educators, we hear from our students the concern and even distress over situations outside of their control. Please contact your child's teacher, counselor, administrator for resources and support. Also, don't forget that our Beaumont Teen Health Center will remain open over the summer months. They can be reached at (734) 942-4857 and can provide not only solutions for physical issues, but also for mental health needs.

In closing, we understand that we are ​powerful​ together, because each ​one​ of us is individually ​powerful​. We love our community, and are committed to being the catalyst that makes us more united. For those who stand with us, we have great expectations for growth and collective success. Each one, Teach one. Each one, Reach one. Each one, Protect one.

We R One CommUNITY