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RMS Positive Peer Influence

We're excited to announce that Peer Mediation or what we call, P.P.I. (Positive Peer Influence) will begin this month at RMS!!!

 Peer Mediation is a problem-solving process that involves student mediators as a neutral third party to help students work through conflicts.  Peer mediators learn key social skills such as active listening, empathy, diversity appreciation, negotiation, anger management, and developing “I” statements.   Our step by step mediation process allows disputants to tell their side of the story, find a common goal, brainstorm solutions, and then reach an agreement that everyone involved can live with.  Peer mediation not only helps students in conflict to recognize that they do have choices and control over their situation, it also develops and strengthens leadership skills in those who are willing to be our school-wide peacekeepers as peer mediators. A true“win-win.”

Our 2018-2019 mediators (not all pictured) include the following

First Name Last Name Grade
Madison Briscoe 7
Caleb Delva 8
Jaslyn Fletcher 6
Alicia Green 7
Amanda Hubbard 8
San'iya Jackson 7
Mariyah Jones 7
Ja'Niya Marks 6
Emmalee Miles 8
Supawan Pongpad 6
Mia Robinson 6
Neveah Stevenson 7
Ja'Veontae Stewart 8
Dashawn Wilson 7
Damian Woodmore 7