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  1. What are the criteria for a student to be a candidate for the ACE Program?
    • Score an average in the 75 percentile or higher on the reading and math NWEA assessment for grades 3rd-6th and score at or above the 70 percentile on the reading and math NWEA assessments for grades 7 and 8
    • Grades consisting of As and Bs (1s and 2s) in the four content areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies
    • Teacher Checklist of Student Learning forms completed
    • Parent Nomination forms completed
  2. Where and with whom should application materials be sent?
    • Teachers and parents should submit all materials separately to David Thompson, Program Coordinator for the ACE Program, at Barth Elementary School.
  3. If a child is identified for the Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment Program, but the parent opts not to have their child participate, will they be able to participate in the future?
    • Yes, but the child will have to undergo the identification process again.
  4. Will transportation be provided by the district?
    • Transportation will not be provided by the district. It is the parents’ responsibility to transport the students to Barth Elementary School.
  5. What is the timeline for ACE qualification?
    • Nomination window closes June 3, 2016. Parents will be notified of the committee’s decision by early/mid June.
  6. Who can nominate a child for the ACE program?
    • A parent, guardian, teacher or principal can nominate a child for the ACE program.
  7. How much space is available for the ACE Program?
    • Space is limited and will be based upon the most qualified students. The selection committee will review each candidate and decide who will be admitted.
  8. Will the selection process of students be anonymous?
    • Yes, student’s names will not be revealed to the group during the identification process. Maintaining anonymity will ensure transparency throughout the process.
  9. Once my child is accepted into the ACE Program, are they in for good?
    • No, if a child is struggling with the program, parents will meet with the principal and teacher to decide the best course of action. The child may be sent back to his or her home school. If the struggling child is an intra‐county schools of choice student they may be placed in another building where space is available.
  10. If a child is identified for the ACE Program, will they be retested in future years?
    • Generally speaking, the answer is no. Once qualified the child remains qualified. If a child, however, is struggling to achieve, a meeting will be held to decide the best course of action.
  11. Who is eligible to apply?
    • Romulus students, as well as Intra‐County (Wayne County) students, are eligible to apply.
  12. If I still have questions whom should I contact or where can I get additional information?
    • Call Karensa Smith, Director of Grants and Curriculum at (734) 532-1641.