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Middle School

Principal Letter

Greetings Romulus Middle School Parent/Guardian:

This is an unprecedented time in human history, however, the collective purpose of our instructional and non-instructional staff, community partners, and other stakeholders is to work together to provide an effective, safe, orderly, and nurturing learning environment (in a physical or virtual setting) to ensure all students reach high levels of academic success.

Our three (3) BIG ideas for the school year are:

Barth Bears Visit RMS

Barth 5th grade students had the opportunity to visit the middle school this spring in an effort to get to know the building they will be joining next school year. Students got the chance to meet their future teachers, learn about different activities and programs the middle school offers, and were able to show off their smarts by already raising their hands to answer questions. Good luck to these students as they start a new adventure in a new school this year. Although, after how well they did at the visit, we’re not sure they’ll need it.

Traveling Students Visit Fire Museum

Through our school’s Traveling Tuesday Program, Romulus Middle School students recently had the opportunity to visit Ypsilanti’s Michigan Firehouse Museum. Students learned how to be safe around fire, and what to do in a fire emergency. The museum guides let the students try out old-fashioned fire engines and showed them what the fireman barracks above the stations look like. The trip also gave them a taste of college life with a visit to Eastern Michigan University’s campus in downtown Ypsi.

Traveling Students Visit Botanical Gardens

Romulus Middle School students in our Traveling Tuesday program recently took a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor to learn about different plants and soil. The students tested soil samples and learned about the intricacies of Michigan’s diverse ecosystem. They also studied plants, animals, and the environment of the Great Lakes region. After their visit to the greenhouses, bonsai garden, and children’s garden, the students made and gave presentations to present what they had learned throughout the day.

RMS Open House is a Success

This spring, Romulus Middle School held an Open House. The goal of the event was to help prospective Romulus families understand the different parts of RMS curriculum, in hopes that many would consider enrolling their children at the school this coming school year. Not only was it an Open House, but a packed house, with tons of families coming in to visit! Kudos to RMS teachers for a successful, fun-filled event.

Building STEM Savvy Girls

Romulus Middle School was invited to attend the 6 th Annual STEM Savvy Conference at Wayne County
Community College on May 9, 2019. 18 different school districts were in attendance to this year’s
event. These science and math enthusiasts from Romulus Middle School were able to attend various
workshops. Some of the choices were: Green Hair to Biohazard Containment, We Predict YOU are going
to be AWESOME!, To Bee or not to Bee, Where Art Meets Science, Online Gene Sleuths, and Crosslinking

RMS Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is a nonprofit organization that contributes to the business and economic education of young people all over the world.  40 Romulus Middle School students were able to attend a workshop downtown Detroit focused around the theme of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)   Students participated in a variety of workshops.

Station 1:  Racing and modify cars.  Students were able to add mass to a variety of vehicles to create the fastest car.

River Basin Battle Field

30 Romulus Middle School were invited to Monroe Michigan to participate in an outdoor adventure.  Students learned about science and history on this special day.  The Raisin River Battlefield provided a living history to the students.  They walked the actual battlefield and participated in a bunch of different activities where students learned about the War of 1812 and life during that time period.  Students also learned about science by examining animal pelts from bears, beavers, rabbits, and wolves.  Students were able to handle the fur and learned the differences between the coats.    

RMS Parent University

Parents and students learned alongside each other when the Middle School hosted its latest Parent University. Families left with educational games and looks to use at home along with participating in various workshops. We offered sessions in English language Arts Resources with Mrs. Bell, Math Games with Mrs. Haidar, Discovering Newton’s Laws with Mrs. Robson, Making Lava Lamps with Mrs. Hiuser, and book and game giveaways with Ms. Alvarez and Mrs. Teefey.

Sixth-graders Get Exposed to Korean Culture

Mrs. Bradlee’s 6 th grade Social Studies students read the book “A Single Shard”. The book follows the story of a young Korean orphan who has much interest in becoming a potter. After reading the book, 30 students from her class traveled to the University of Michigan Art Museum to view authentic Korean pottery and other artifacts. The students were also able to